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New Marston School

New Marston is a well located school and has proved immensely popular with our groups that cater to the local children – tuition groups and martial arts groups have seen their customer base work well here. Rare for Oxford, it has a large amount of parking (around 50 spaces all told) which is popular with lots of our events! New Marston boasts two halls and a number of new classrooms, as well as a great deal of outside space.


New marston has a good sized main hall with lovely new flooring. The hall backs onto the large outdoor space that the school boasts, so this facility has a lot of natural light and a rural feel despite it’s central location. The hall has a semi permanent stage which has been used by a number of drama groups to great effect – it works brilliantly for performances!

Available from £20 per hour


The dining hall at New Marston is only slightly smaller than the main hall, with a linoleum floor. It is popular with our summer school groups and has easy access from the main school car park. It can be hired in conjunction with classrooms or the main hall as a meet-and-greet area for parents, or for a separate event with the kitchen alongside it!

Prices from £15 per hour


New Marston has recently had part of the building renovated, so it can offer a wide range of classrooms, all well sized. Some back on to the car park for easy access, whilst others are located near the halls or the playground, so work well hired in conjunction with other facilities. Interactive whiteboards and projectors are available via prior arrangement.

Prices from £10 per hour


New Marston has a large playing field and playground, perfect for summer events. This has been hired for summer sports days, and works well alone or with the main hall which backs on to it.

Please enquire for prices

NB: All prices are reflective of regular bookings, please enquire for one off events. For bookings of this facility made within the month of the booking, we do charge a £30 administrative fee. If you are looking to book New Marston, please plan in advance!

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