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Frequently asked questions


Can 2JEvents work with my venue?

From the smallest infant school to the largest Academy, we work with all manner of school facilities, and can come up with a package to suit you. Please email us or call 01865 575678 to find out what we can do to increase your income and manage lettings safely and efficiently!

How much does it cost to work with us?

To work with us, nothing. We split revenue, and our company exists to generate schools money – every one of our partnerships has resulted in an increase in profit for the school.

What about my current income?

No school has ever suffered a dip in income through working with us – it is always a net gain. If you or your governors are particularly concerned, we can even write this into our contract to show how confident we are that we can make a real difference.

What do you take care of?

In short – everything! The idea is that the school sees no impact on education, and only profit at the end of each month. From handling customer queries, to staffing, to invoicing all the bookings, we handle everything with great customer service, always representing the school well in the local community.


How does it work with locking and unlocking?

Unlike other venues, we provide a member of staff to lock and unlock the venue. This means you’re not responsible for the venue being locked up properly, nor do you have to arrange to collect and drop off keys!

Can I see the venue before I book?

Of course! We offer free viewings for all our venues, as we want to provide the right space for you. We encourage all our customers to make use of this offering – we’d love to show you around (although it’s got to be out of school hours!). Email or call us to arrange a viewing.

How do I know if the venue will provide enough people to attend my classes?

Although we cannot guarantee attendance, one of the advantages of holding your event in a school is that we are able to ask if they can advertise your event to their staff, students and parents. In the past it’s made a huge difference for our community groups and we love to support them.

Do you provide venue rental discounts for charities?

Yes, usually. Please email us with details of your organisation and we will let you know if you are eligible. We also provide discounts for community use at some of our venues, so do mention it to us if this is relevant.

Do you offer anything more than venue hire?

School Space simply offers spaces ‘as they come’. In most cases this means there are tables and chairs that can be used. We will help you facilitate additional extras but as schools are not primarily set up to run events we cannot guarantee the quality of, or amounts of equipment you may need.

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